What is Repitched's concept?

Repitched is an online marketplace where you can sell the music you have written. You take control of the entire process yourself. This is where Repitched goes beyond the services offered by most other music websites. It doesn't cost anything to participate.

You are under no obligations. The use of Repitched's services is non-exclusive and there is no contract term. You and only you decide to what extent, which songs, how many songs and how long you'd like to participate in Repitched. Everything you do using Repitched's services is done on a voluntary basis. Because it's a Facebook application, you are able to concentrate your entire promotional activities at one central location. The complicated and sometimes intrusive act of redirecting your fans and friends to other online stores, websites and homepages is no longer required. The goal is for your guerrilla marketing activities to finally pay off.

Why should I use Repitched's services?

Repitched allows you to commercially exploit your music directly and without a safety net. You remain your own boss and are obligated to no one else. Other providers promise to sell your music using the most popular websites but they ask for a fee upfront before placing the songs in the online stores. But it is quite unclear whether your songs ever appear there. At any rate they get lost among the big acts of the established music industry. This means you're forced to find a way to recruit your fans to buy your music on sites which you have no control over. This is particularly disadvantageous if you are bound to a certain period of commitment. Thus you have spent money initially and handed over the rights to your songs, not knowing whether you will ever regain the money you have spent.

Repitched dodges these difficulties.

We assume that you reach your fans first and foremost on social networks, for example, through a page on Facebook using the usual apps and players. What could be more natural than to offer your music to the fans with whom you're constantly in contact with anyway?

With Repitched you can harvest the fruits of your promotional efforts and you can measure the real market value of your music - all over the world! Here you're not subjected to any constraints and you can decide whether to provide the music for free if you want. But this is not really necessary because your listeners can listen to the whole song anyway using the streaming service. But no matter what you decide: In each case you get immediate feedback on the quality of your songs through the comments of your listeners.

When will I receive my money?

At Repitched your income will be distributed immediately. The income you're entitled to is transferred to your PayPal account after each sale. You can view your business success in the Repitched admin area at any time. Repitched figures that you want to focus on your musical creativity, not on the business side of things, and certainly you don't want to have to be concerned with collecting outstanding debts from customers. Repitched therefore focuses on using PayPal as a payment service. The sale of your songs will only go through if it is certain that your customer is willing and able to pay the price.

What information do I need to supply in order to use Repitched?

Repitched requires little information from you. In fact you only have to provide the address of a real contact person. The background is that you sell your own music on the market. Your customers should have the ability to contact you in case of problems or questions. Your data will be treated confidentially and Repitched does not disclose it to third parties. A customer information form sent to your buyers underpins the seriousness of the transaction. This builds trust and will put you in high regard with your fans. As a seller you need to be available to be contacted if necessary. This goes without saying, especially since Repitched generally asks for little data and limits this to essential information.

Can I only sell my music exclusively to my Facebook friends?

No. The sale of your songs does not depend on the number of likes and friends you have. A sale may also be made to customers who themselves are not members of Facebook. So you're basically in a position to attract any buyer that you can inspire with your music.

Why does a song in a bundle cost only 80 euro cents?

The Repitched bundle is intended to encourage your fans to buy not only one song from you, but at least 5. The 20% discount increases the incentive to buy in quantities because your fans will, in effect, receive the fifth song for free. This mechanism reduces the amount your customers have to pay, the more songs they want from you. Even though your songs are indeed offered a little cheaper, you are set to earn much more in the course of a single transaction.

In addition, the sale of bundles enables your musical creativity to be judged as more than just individual songs, but in the context of what you're offering. The sale of a bundle brings about a promotional effect in itself.

Bundle sales enable the customer to create an EP or even an entire album of your songs. Even on the conventional music market the price of an album is usually lower than if you were to purchase each song individually. In this respect a lower purchase price based on quantity is customary on this market and fair.

What are the requirements for using Repitched?

You actually only need to provide Repitched with the address of a real contact person. That's it. In addition, you can choose which songs you make accessible to your audience, the quality you what to offer them in, whether there is a download fee or not and whether you offer to stream the full version of the song or just a taste of it in the form of a snippet. You will remain your own boss in every respect. The advantage is that you are not subject to the approval of an A&R manager who deems your material to be insufficient without even listening to it properly. Above all you don't need to guarantee a certain sales volume in advance like with a record company. You decide on the nature, content and quality of your releases. Thus the only person to judge whether a piece is fit for sale is you.

In this context, you should particularly take into consideration that a record company will usually only be interested in you if you can sell approximately 20,000 units of a song or album. A record company can only operate profitably under these conditions. Below this threshold there is no money to be made on the regular market through music, and certainly not by you. However this shouldn't be the case because it is YOUR music.

Repitched will help you to sell your music commercially without you having to sell your rights to third parties.

What do my customers have to do to be able to listen and buy music from me?

At Repitched customers don't have to set up a customer account in order to purchase MP3 songs. Repitched deliberately does not ask for data from your fans because this is just not necessary for purchasing music online. PayPal offers the security needed for executing all of the transactions without Repitched having to creating additional "data cemeteries". We believe the less information that has to be given about an individual user, the more we can assure that the data is protected. In this respect, Repitched is one of the few providers, who doesn't just tout data protection and then, despite this, go and mine data on user preferences and interests and maybe even pass this on to third parties. On no account does Repitched participate in receiving stolen data.

But there is something else: Having to create an account in order to buy only one or two songs may be off putting for your customers. Finally Repitched is providing an infrastructure primarily for musicians who have a rather straightforward audience. Anyone who buys something from you may not automatically be interested in a number of other Repitched acts. Setting up an account on this occasion - and we believe this to be generally true - just wouldn't be worth it. In addition, it might feel strange to have to register again even though you already have a valid profile on Facebook. That would mostly likely apply to your fans, even it if is not a must. In other words, all additional hurdles disrupt your sales opportunities and are therefore senseless.

How will any payment obligations to collecting societies be made, in particular to GEMA?

Repitched represents the interests of the creators and others involved. The proceeds of any musical activity should, in our opinion, benefit the creators and composers, in short, the music artists themselves. This is true even when the creators have transferred their rights to a collecting society, e.g. GEMA. The payment of the GEMA fees or the fees of any other collecting society are passed on by us to the artist signed with GEMA or any other collecting society. The artists have to pay these fees themselves.

What do I have to do to upload my songs?

When you upload your music you just have to be careful that it is of a quality that is acceptable to the audience. Always remember that your fans should not only be willing to listen to the material, but that they should be willing to buy it, in other words spend money. We recommend uploading your songs with at least 192 kbps and offering 256 kbps or 320 kbps would be even better. In the latter case, the difference to CD quality is so low that the average consumer with average audiophile talent would hardly perceive this difference.

In addition, you should take copyright protection seriously and refrain from uploading any songs to Repitched that you have not written. By registering at Repitched you agree to respect the rights of others and to commit no copyright infringement. We rely on you to sell your own music and do not want to benefit from the success of others. When in doubt, you should also refrain from uploading any cover versions of popular songs or remixes no matter how cleverly adapted they might be. You always have to expect and respect the fact that the writers and composers of the external material may not agree to having their pieces be commercially exploited by you. The guidelines of copyright protection are as follows: Don't do what you don't want others to do to you. Just as you do not want strangers to earn money from your music, you also shouldn't try to make money from songs that you have not written. By sticking to these simple guidelines, you are completely free and welcome here at Repitched!

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